Yallah Let’s Talk!

Yallah Lass Reden!

With Corona, we realized that digital formats are important and work well. Yallah Let’s Talk! is an online format of the JIK and is designed only for the network. The idea is that network members from all regions can meet quickly and easily to exchange ideas, discuss exciting topics, invite inspiring people and stay in touch.

Yallah Let’s Talk! is your format 

For this reason, from now on you can set the topics yourself. You can either lead a meeting as an expert or invite speakers and external guests. There can also be a casual exchange on a specific topic, a joint digital fast-breaking event can be organized, and much more! We welcome input and ideas from the network, so that we as the JIK team can then realize online events together with you. We will support you with the organization and provide a budget for speakers’ fees.

Contact us if you have suggestions and ideas, e.g. for topics, workshops or specific people. Contact Josefine directly if you would like to organize an online event together.

Yallah Let’s Talk! is a non-public community event.