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Narrative Change Academy

Over the past few months, our Narrative Change Ambassadors from France, the United Kingdom and Germany have been working on a digital campaign as part of the Narrative Change Academy. The #UnboxStories campaign has now launched on Instagram!

In times of political polarisation, the spread of misinformation and discriminatory discourses, the campaign aims to strengthen cohesion and solidarity in Europe. We want to create our own narratives and shape the post-migrant Europe of tomorrow.

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Narrative Change Academy Journal

At the end of August last year, France’s Minister of Education declared that wearing the abaya would no longer be permitted in public schools.

In our latest Narrative Change Academy Journal entry, Narrative Change Academy participant Yasmine Djidel shares her thoughts on this long-standing issue. She sheds light on the principle of the separation of church and state in France from a historical perspective and places recent developments within this context.

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Narrative Change Academy Journal

What if we dare to fantasize, to dream of a better tomorrow, a world where we talk, learn and move forward hand in hand?

NCA participant Aminata Bouaré has written a riveting text for the Narrative Change Academy Journal on utopias and the power of dreaming, on Nahel Merzouk, Omar Sy and on how we have to go beyond discussing whether or not racism exists in our societies. Join her in dreaming and read the full article.

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