Our Team

  • Dr. Asmaa Soliman

    Programme Lead Junge Islam Konferenz | Co-Lead „Competence Network Living Together in the Migration Society”

    Dr. Asmaa Soliman is the head of the Young Islam Conference. Asmaa studied in Maastricht and in London, where she completed her doctorate. This led to her book, European Muslims Transforming the Public Sphere, where she examines young Muslims’ engagement in the public. She has researched, taught, and coordinated projects on Islam in Europe, diversity, and intercultural understanding. She leads the JIK with the goal of advancing peer education and the European focus even further.

  • Jasemin Seven

    Deputy Programme Lead | Project Manager for Europeanisation and Strategic Communication

    Jasemin Seven is responsible for the European expansion of JIK with a focus on strategic communication. Jasemin studied European Studies and International Business Administration in Germany, the USA, and France and has coordinated projects on female empowerment and development education. With her work, Jasemin wants to contribute to a post-migrant and racism-critical Europe.

  • Farima Fakhari

    Project Manager Politics/Outreach

    Farima Fakhari is responsible for Policy Outreach and Advocacy on the national political stage. She has expertise in the areas of diplomacy, peace and security policy, with a particular focus on antidemocratic trends and European solidarity.

  • Veronika Gunne

    Project Management Consultant

    Veronika Gunne keeps track of JIK’s numbers and finances. Veronika studied International Business Administration in Frankfurt (Oder) and Crisis and Security Management in The Hague. She has worked for several international NGOs such as Amnesty International and UNHCR.

  • Svea Klee


    Svea Klee works in the areas of Networks, Communications and Europeanisation. She focused on the intersectionality of different forms of discrimination during an internship at the Consortium on Gender Security and Human Rights and is currently studying International Relations at the University of Groningen.

  • Seren Başoğul

    Project Manager for Networks

    Seren Başoğul manages our networks. With this work, Seren brings many threads together. Seren studied visual communication and has created exhibitions on several social issues. As a talent scout, she has promoted educational and equal opportunities for young people from families in North Rhine-Westphalia with little to no academic experience.

  • Caroline Haufe

    Communications Manager

    Caroline Haufe manages the press and public relations of the Young Islam Conference and manages the Media Academy together with Seren. She studied literature in Freiburg, Edinburgh and Berlin and previously worked in the field of communication in the cultural sector and in post-migrant contexts.