• Report Narrative Change Academy 2023-24

    The paper summarizes what we learned from the first year of the Narrative Change Academy. What surprised us, what do we want to do differently next time? What recommendations for action can we give to civil society organizations from all over Europe that are active in the field of migration and anti-racism and want to use the narrative change approach to leave their own bubble? The report outlines the concept and structure of the academy, presents important findings from the campaign work and examines the effectiveness of the newly developed narratives.

    May 2024

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  • Anti-Muslim Racism Against Young People

    This publication highlights important findings on anti-Muslim racism against young people in German society. It identifies challenges and concerns and formulates seven key recommendations for policy, research and education to increase the visibility and awareness of the issues affecting this group.

    November 2023

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  • Study: Critiques and Visions for a Post-Migrant Society

    The JIK study 'Critiques and Visions for a Post-Migrant Society' presents impulses and recommendations of young network members for living together in our post-migrant society in Germany. Their perspectives are discussed in the context of the 2021 coalition agreement and the announced paradigm shift in integration policy. The results are summarized in 4 statements, which are expanded upon in the publication.

    March 2022

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