What we do

What we do

The Young Islam Conference (JIK) is an exchange platform and empowerment space on Islam-related issues and topics on living together in a post-migrant society.

As a political education programme, our offers are aimed in particular at young adults between the ages of 17 and 27.

Our focus is on working with people affected by racism as well as with allies. With us, every voice is heard. We stand for respectful and diversity-sensitive dialogue and interaction.

We create opportunities for encounters and encourage our young network to participate in public debates to help shape an inclusive society.

As a civil society actor, we work with stakeholders from politics, academia, media, and civil society to discuss Islam and Muslims in Germany, diversity, participation, and representation.

The JIK is a permanent programme area of the Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe.

Our mission

The Young Islam Conference (JIK) consists of young people from different social backgrounds. As a young network, the JIK is accompanied by a team familiar with different realities of life.

The JIK team is responsible for providing resources and supporting the young network as facilitators and pathfinders for their concerns. In addition, the team works on a structural level to encourage stronger participation and representation of the young network. The team sees itself as a catalyst for transferring knowledge from the young network to structures in politics, administration, civil society, and in the media.

Young people whose voices and perspectives are socially marginalised and who are structurally disadvantaged find spaces at JIK to encourage each other, openly communicate their needs, and become active together. People who may not be affected by racism can become allies for marginalised groups by becoming aware of social disadvantages, their own privileges, and the responsibility that comes with these privileges to act.

As an alliance, the young network works to develop a post-migrant self-understanding in which differences are recognised and radical diversity is lived. The social debate around Islam and Muslims as well as other social issues such as participation, belonging, and plurality are discussed together, and new inputs are brought into the public discourse.

[In the FAQ section, you will find explanations for the terms used here.]

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JIK Bundeskonferenz 2019 from Junge Islam Konferenz on Vimeo.